Recycling Services

WASTE MINIMIZATION SYSTEMS AND SERVICES – ERA offers Systems and Services designed to reduce, recycle, and/or minimize a waste, whether it is a liquid, sludge or a solid or a combination. Vapor Compression Distillation is an extremely cost-effective (less than $.01 per gallon) mechanical process that will remove contaminants or concentrate them for reuse. Sludge Drying is a low cost mechanical process to remove waters from sludge to concentrate solids for lower disposal cost. Evaporation is a cost-effective process that offers destruction of liquid wastes. Densification Pelletizing can process high bulk materials into a pellet or briquette for volume reduction and/or potential reuse. Vortex Dehydration uses a cyclonic action with forced air to dehydrate water from sludges (30% or greater solids content).

WASTE-TO-ENERGY – ERA provides incineration of biomass (general trash), special and industrial waste (industrial byproducts from manufacturing, cleaning, processing and packaging), consumer commodities destruction (brand name commodities no longer suitable for consumer consumption or discontinued product) to protect brand name integrity, document destruction (sensitive corporate or institutional documents). Materials must be free of heavy metals and provide some Btu value to the destruction process to manufacture steam or electricity.

ORGANIC FERTILIZER – ERA will evaluate industrial byproducts for microbial reduction to carbon or nitrogen as well as micronutrients in the production of organic fertilizers. Materials may consist of organic sludges from waste water treatment, food wastes from preparation and packaging, industrial byproducts; containing copper, zinc, boron, calcium, iron, potassium, etc. In addition, rinse waters and wash waters are suitable for reuse in the microbial reduction process.

ALTERNATE FUELS – ERA can provide processing for industrial byproducts that can be made into an Engineered Fuel as Fuel Pellets or Fuel Blends used by boilers, industrial furnaces and utilities as a “renewable energy source” substitute for fossil fuels. Some byproducts that are suitable are rubber, waste wood, coated paper, films, wax coated cardboard, foams, and so on. Byproducts must have Btu value, be able to be physically modified or blended, and relatively free of burn emission characteristics like NOx, SOx and heavy metals. Most Plastics and Papers are recyclable by various means – those that are not, such as cross-linked plastic or mixed plastics or mixtures of paper, wood, film, and plastic can be reused as an Alternate Fuel.

ABSORBENTS – ERA can supply bulk solidification agents for non-hazardous liquids and sludges so they will pass the Paint Filter test when destined for landfill disposal.

RAW MATERIAL SUBSTITUTIONS – ERA will evaluate inorganic byproducts for construction product manufacture. Some industrial byproducts; such as clays, silicas, calcium carbonate, iron oxide, aluminum oxide are candidates for substitution.

WASTE EXCHANGE SERVICES – ERA will pro actively market byproducts, co-products or waste that other manufacturers may be able to utilize. Complete a Profile for your materials or send us a Product Specification Sheet or MSDS along with age, packaging, quantity, condition, contaminants and any other pertinent information.

DESTRUCTION SERVICES – ERA provides destruction services via incineration facilities for consumer commodities, R&D samples, industrial documents, sensitive materials and so forth.


ERA provides recycling for materials classified the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as universal waste. These materials include Fluorescent Lamps, High Intensity Devices, Metal Halide Lamps, High Pressure Sodium, Batteries, Computer and Electronic components. ERA also recycles PCB & DEHP Ballast.

  Electronic Waste Recycling Рanything with a circuit board can be recycled; often at no cost or value returned to the owner.